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Pozer Magazine - Celebrating Women Who Ride


Welcome to Pozer Magazine, the only print publication dedicated to representing women who ride and supporting the incredible community of women within the motorcycle world. Founded by Ashlee Arezu Haeri, Pozer Magazine is on a mission to showcase the diverse stories and experiences of women riders from around the globe.


At Pozer, we believe that riding is not just a hobby or a mode of transportation; it's a lifestyle and an empowering form of self-expression. We travel far and wide to seek out remarkable women riders who share our passion for motorcycles and align with our values. Our goal is to feature these extraordinary individuals in our magazine, sharing their journeys, triumphs, challenges, and everything in between.


What sets Pozer Magazine apart is our unwavering commitment to showcasing women who genuinely uplift others within the community. We firmly believe that unity and support are essential in creating a thriving environment for all riders. Regardless of your background or status, we welcome everybody into Pozer's little community with open arms.


We are proud to say that at Pozer Magazine, we do not care about politics or social hierarchies that can sometimes overshadow the joy of riding. Our focus is solely on celebrating each woman's unique story while fostering an inclusive space where everyone feels valued.


As an exclusively print publication, we aim to provide readers with a tangible experience that goes beyond just flipping through pages. Each issue of Pozer Magazine is carefully curated with stunning visuals, captivating stories, informative articles - all designed to inspire you on your own journey as a rider.


Join us as we embark on this exciting adventure together! Whether you're an experienced rider or just starting out on two wheels - whether you ride cruisers or sport bikes  - there's always room for you in our vibrant community.


Thank you for being a part of Pozer Magazine, where we celebrate the spirit of women who ride and support one another. Together, let's embrace the freedom of the open road and create lasting connections that transcend borders.


Goin' Fast, Dyin' Last!


Ashlee Arezu Haeri

Founder & Owner, Pozer Magazine

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